PhD in Physical Sciences, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain

Telephone: +56 32 250 8461



Observational cosmology, strong gravitational lensing, microlensing, active galactic nuclei, accretion disks, galaxy groups and clusters, high redshift galaxies, dark matter, spectroscopy.

My research interest is related to the dark matter content in our universe, both at small and large scale. I use gravitational lensing (micro, strong, and weak) in areas as different as the cosmological distance scale, the large scale matter distribution in the universe, mass distribution of galaxy groups and clusters, the physics of quasars, and galaxy structure. I take advantage of multi-wavelength observational data and theoretical models to constrain the properties of gravitationally bound objects at different redshifts.


Postgraduate: Astrofisica Extragalactica Avanzada


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